Empire Associate

Empire Associates are an integral part of the Empire staff team. Associates work closely with the Empire Leadership Team to support their work and to allow the organization to fulfill its mission. They are expected to provide up to 5​­-10 ​hours of work per week during which time they will complete a range of ongoing and ad-hoc tasks. T​he type and frequency of work vary significantly depending on the time of year, with the majority of the work taking place during the summer and fall.

Associates will build skills for future employment by completing tasks across a range of business functions including Development, Journalism, Judge Recruitment, Marketing, Merchandising, Social Media and Web Production.

Each Associate will be given ongoing responsibilities in one or more of the areas listed below, allowing you to work closely with Empire’s Leadership Team and make a lasting impact on the organization.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is:

  • An Empire alumnus or alumna (though this is not a requirement)
  • Passionate about Empire’s mission;
  • Interested in volunteering year round with the organization and developing relationships with the Empire Leadership Team and staff;
  • Independent, self-sufficient and self-motivated­­;
  • One who can be trusted to produce work timely and accurately when given clear direction but little direct supervision (Empire works remotely so this is crucial);
  • One who routinely takes initiative to achieve goals in the most efficient and effective way possible;
  • An outstanding verbal and written communicator­, ­who is comfortable interacting with third parties and members of the Empire team in-person, on the phone and via e­mail;
  • Hoping to leverage their Associate experience to build leadership skills.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Support the work of the Leadership Team by completing a range of ongoing and ad­hoc tasks;
  • Volunteer for at least 5 hours per week but no more than 10;
  • Suggest new ideas, projects and initiatives;
  • Complete ongoing tasks in one or more of the fields listed below;
  • Pick­-up ad hoc assignments, based on their availability;
  • Attend an online training and briefing session before starting Associate position.

Associate Positions

Development Associate

Empire Development Associates assist Empire in expanding its reach and impact by helping our team raise the funds necessary to bring our program to more students. The Development Associate works closely with the Director of Development on a variety of projects

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Identify new partners and sponsors
  • Manage and interact with donors to ensure that they see the impact of their donation
  • Manage contact databases
  • Prepare information for grant applications

The ideal candidate will be an independent self-starter, be detail-oriented, and have strong communication skills.

Journalism Associate

Journalism associates are responsible for drafting news stories and features for Empire’s blog, On The Record. The individual must be comfortable with researching, writing and generating ideas for original content.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Write, edit, publish, and promote content;
  • Generate and pitch ideas for stories;
  • Research stories, which may include coordinating times to interview former Empire participants or a member of the Empire staff;
  • Collaborate with other bloggers, experts, or notable guests to contribute content to the site;
  • Liaise with Branding Director to select appropriate photo(s) for story;
  • Lay out stories on WordPress site.

The ideal candidate is an avid consumer of social media, experienced in using the Snapchat and Instagram storm features.

Judge Recruitment Associate

To provide the best possible tournament experience for Empire participants, it is vital that Empire recruit qualified, motivated individuals to serve as judges and jurors. Students have devoted untold hours preparing their case presentations and deserve evaluators that are invested in helping them learn and grow. The Judge Recruitment Associates aid in judge recruitment for each of Empire’s competitions.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Call individuals at legal organizations, law firms, law schools, and other organizations to ask their assistance in publicizing our events;
  • Send follow-up emails to these contacts. Emails will contain information about the events and links to register online;
  • Obtain names, phone numbers, and email addresses for potential new contacts if our previous contacts no longer work for an organization;
  • Follow-up with these organizations via phone or email to answer questions and make sure information has been distributed;
  • Report on progress as required, taking part in periodic video chats (group or individual) to check in, obtain help, and share tips with other associates and interns.

The ideal candidate will be highly self-motivated and organized. They will be a competent and confident written and verbal communicator–with a particular ability to connect over the phone. The Judge Recruitment Associate must not give up in the face of adversity and must be committed to meeting structured objectives within the allotted time.

Marketing Associate

The Marketing Associates work closely with the Directors of Competition Experience and Branding to identify and recruit schools to participate in Empire’s competitions. The position requires an individual who both has the patience to perform research and data entry, and the interpersonal skills necessary to persuade prospective schools that Empire is the right program for them.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assist with developing promotional materials;
  • Research schools that have established mock trial programs;
  • Connect with prospective schools over the phone or via e-mail;
  • Recommend effective ways to engage young people on social media;
  • Assist with review of analytics data to determine effective digital marketing techniques optional).

The ideal candidate will be passionate about Empire and will be able to translate that passion into an impactful message and marketing strategy. They will be an effective and imaginative communicator.

Merchandising Associate

Shop Empire offers participants a great way to remember their Empire Experience, whether it’s sunglasses, sweatpants or a postcard from Empirion! The Merchandise Associate works closely with the Director of Branding to select merchandise items for the upcoming year.

Job responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Manage inventory for online store through the Square platform;
  • Prepare, order, and track inventory for Empire events;
  • Review sales data to optimize retail efficiency;
  • Identify marketing opportunities and strategy.

The position will require good written and visual communication skills to effectively develop new Empire products with our manufacturers. Much of the responsibility will include reviewing sales data, so the Merchandising Associate should be comfortable with basic statistics, Microsoft Excel, and Google Spreadsheets.

Social Media Associate

The Social Media Associates work with the Director of Branding to develop engaging content for Empire’s social media networks–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Their objective is to help the organization maintain a strong online voice and brand that is consistent with our marketing goals.

  • Draft and edit engaging posts for social media posts;
  • Schedule posts to be published through third party software;
  • Optimize social media posts (language, tone, message) based on our target audience’s behaviors;
  • Collaborate with Branding Director to select appealing images and videos to complement text;
  • Review social media insights (traffic, engagement, shares, conversion rates).
  • Respond to questions and comments on our social media pages in a timely and accurate manner.
Web Production Associate

From the application process to tournament recaps and everything in between, Empire’s website is critical to our growth and operation. The Web Production Associate assists in the maintenance and development of our website.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Monitor of current content to ensure accuracy and proper function;
  • Review and sorting photographs for use on the site;
  • Update website header graphics quarterly to keep our image up to date and feeling fresh;
  • Work within our WordPress based CMS to maintain and create website content;
  • Offer suggestions to improve the website UI & UX (user interface and experience);
  • Familiarizing yourself with all aspects of the website to assist with technical support.

The ideal candidate has a good sense of visual aesthetics and possesses strong organizational and written communication skills. Initial responsibilities will require only basic computer skills and familiarity with internet and design concepts, and instruction will be provided. Growth opportunities in design, web programming, and visibility/SEO are available based on the associate’s ambitions and performance.

Job Perks


  • Reference letter for college and/or future employer;
  • Guaranteed admission to Empire competition of your choice as Blue Shirt;­
  • $50 credit to spend at Shop Empire.

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