South Korea

They travel a distance of nearly 7,000 miles to get to the Big Apple but you couldn’t tell by their courtroom performance! Since 2008, Empire has proudly welcomed Korean students to its family. The students are incredibly well prepared, well spoken and bilingual. They go toe-to-toe with the top English speaking teams from across the globe!

Mock trial is a popular extra curricular activity in Korea. The Korean Mock Trial Association (“KMTA”) hosts the country’s national competition, which is based on the United States legal system. Teaming up with the Yale Mock Trial Association, the KMTA conducts classes on the American rules of evidence, courtroom procedure and how to interpret and analyze case law. The KMTA hosts a competition in August and sends its top teams to the Empire World Championship.

Like all participating international schools, Korean students are afforded the opportunity to have video sessions with members of the Empire staff. This helps students seamlessly transition to an Empire competition.

Korean Participants

Cheongshim International Academy

Gapeong-gun, South Korea

NY 2008-2009, 2015-2016 | SF 2016

Daewon Foreign Language High School

Seoul, South Korea

NY 2013

Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies

Yongin, South Korea

NY 2013 | SF 2014, 2016

Hanyoung Foreign Language Academy

Seoul, South Korea

NY 2010-2013, 2015 | SF 2016

Korean International School

Seoul, South Korea

SF 2015

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

Seoul, South Korea

NY 2014-2016

Korean Mock Trial Club

Seoul, South Korea

NY 2014, 2016


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