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Alison Chan

St. Paul’s Convent School
Hong Kong

Years at Empire:

Empire was the best and most worthwhile experience in my high school life… Thanks to Empire, we achieved the HK Championship.

Where are you now?
I am currently a Form 5 student (Grade 11) in St. Paul’s Convent School. I am studying Economics, English Literature and ERS (Ethics and Relgious Studies).

How, if at all, did the Empire help you get there?
Empire taught me a lot – from court procedures to compelling presentation and argumentative skills. It was also the best and most worthwhile experience in my high school life. What I gained from Empire helped me and my team back in Hong Kong, at the Inter-school Mock Trial Competitions. Thanks to Empire, we achieved 1st Runner-up and Championship in two consecutive years. In addition, I am sure the intellectual skills I gained from Empire will benefit me even after I graduate.

What’s your favorite Empire moment?
My favorite Empire moment would be dancing on cruise night. The cruise was scheduled before the first round of competition, so we got to relax a bit before the nerve-wracking trials the next day. I absolutely love the dim interior of the ship with the flashing multi-colored lights and of course – the loud music. Another thing that I love apart from the atmosphere would be the fact that nearly everybody (mooties from all the 24 teams) was dancing. I bet most of us did not know how to dance properly, but we were having great fun! The cruise was also the perfect opportunity to make friends with people from across the globe, thus this is my favorite Empire moment.

How would you describe the Empire to someone that has never been?
Some people have cheerleading or football as the highlight of their high school years. You will have Empire.

Empire may be one of the best experiences you can get in high school. But it is not just about fun. You will have to work hard on the case given to you. The teams joining Empire are from all around the world, and they are very strong (especially for native English speakers) or have had a lot of training. Preparing for the case could be tough, especially when witnesses have to memorize their scripts and be in character, attorneys have to learn the Midlands Rules of Evidence from scratch.

Nonetheless, participants of Empire will bring home unforgettable, sweet memories. More importantly, they will have a multinational family.


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