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Amandeep Singh

Tottenville High School
Staten Island, NY, USA

Years at Empire: 2010, 2011

Empire taught me that… civility and collegiality are skills that one must learn to exercise in day to day activities.

Where are you now?

I am a student at Binghamton University.

How, if at all, did the Empire help you get there?

Leading a team of talented and steadfast individuals at Empire provided me with the skill set necessary to keep a unit resolute and moving forward regardless of the verdict. Empire taught me that in addition to thinking critically and arguing facts effectually, civility and collegiality are skills that one must learn to exercise in day to day activities. I trust that the skills I picked up from my experience at Empire have laid a sturdy foundation for my future as a physician.

What’s your favorite Empire moment?

For myself and many others, the cruise around the New York City Harbor was a staggering experience. Having grown up in India and dreamt about the Big City, the ride around the Statue of Liberty was an experience that vividly resides in my most treasured memories.

Why have you stayed involved with the Empire family?

The unique experience and lifelong friendships that Empire bestows on its alumni extend far beyond a bullet point on a résumé or an interesting topic to mention at an interview. Empire provides me with a sense of belonging and a responsibility towards the incoming students who continue to bring a wealth of talent to the courtroom year after year. Empire is a phenomenon that continues to grow alongside its vastly diverse group of alumni, which has developed into a family that I am proud to be a part of.

How would you describe the Empire to someone that has never been?

Empire is much more than a weekend of Mock Trial. It’s a place where six countries gather their brightest students to come together and go head to head in an epic courtroom battle to take home one world championship. Empire is a place for new friends, experiences, and precious memories that stick with you for years after the short weekend is over.


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