Mission and Values

Empire Mock Trial seeks to mold young people into confident, respectful, culturally aware citizens.  The organization hosts a family of educational programs, where students learn about the rule of law and meet fellow young people from diverse backgrounds.  Empire Mock Trial supplements traditional classroom learning with programs that require students to think critically, communicate clearly and collaborate effectively.  Through interacting with their peers, students gain perspective on global issues in an atmosphere that is conducive to both friend making and network building.  The intellectual growth and cultural opportunities unique to Empire serve to educate, connect, and empower students to become exemplary leaders and engaged global citizens.

Educate. Connect. Empower… More than just a slogan.

To educate, connect and empower are the core values that underpin the Empire Mock Trial mission. A focus on these core values ensures that Empire Mock Trial delivers educational programming that prepares students to be leaders in a complex, global world.


Mock trial is used as a vehicle for equipping students with the skills that will set them apart from their peers and enable them to succeed in any future career path.

Participants must use legal theory and analytical reasoning to develop complex fact patterns into coherent cases. At the same time, students develop critical thinking skills while arguing procedural rules and examining witnesses; they also acquire public speaking abilities when delivering compelling opening and closing statements and engaging witness portrayals.

However, the learning does not start on the weekend of the competition. Months of preparation requires considerable teamwork and collaboration in order to produce the high quality results necessary for success.


Empire Mock Trial events connect students on many levels. The international nature of every Empire event allows students to build relationships with a diverse range of peers, and the global cities that host Empire events create an important backdrop for these connections.

In the courtroom, students must collaborate with team members and place civility above animosity in their interactions with adversaries.

Outside of the courtroom, events such as the Empire Exchange and harbor cruise allow students to form long-lasting friendships with like-minded individuals from around the world. Ultimately, these connections reinforce that teamwork and respect are necessary for success in any arena.


Empire Mock Trial events educate students on the law and citizenship, provide crucial skill-building opportunities, form life-changing connections, and cultivate effective leadership abilities. As a result, participants develop poise and self-confidence that empower them to make a difference in our 21st century world.

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