2010 – Henry W. Grady High School

Championship Round

Team Capone, Henry W. Grady High School, 7-7-1
defeats Team Whitman, NCHE Speech Club, 7-7-1
by Point Differential (59 pts.) to capture 2010 Empire World Championship

Top Trial Teams

1st Place — Team Capone, Henry W. Grady High School, 11-1

2nd Place — Team Whitman, NCHE Speech Club, 10-2

3rd Place — Team DeLillo, CSTHEA, 8-2-2

4th Place — Team Walken, Wyoming Seminary, 8-4 (Head-to-Head Win)

5th Place — Team Milk, Elk Grove High School, 8-4 (Head-to-Head Loss)

6th Place — Team De Niro, Green Bay East High School, 7-4-1

7th Place — Team Joel, Glenwood Springs High School, 7-5, CS 27

8th Place — Team de Valera, St. Aloysius’ College, 7-5, CS 23

9th Place — Team Stewart, 7-5, North Myrtle Beach High School, CS 22.5

10th Place — Team Bogart, 7-5, American Heritage High School

Overall Team Rankings

11th Place — Team Bloomberg, William Floyd High School, 6-5-1, CS 28

12th Place — Team Melville, Mercy High School, 6-5-1, CS 22

13th Place — Team Scorcese, St. Peter’s School, 6-6, CS 30

14th Place — Team Brooks, Tamalpais High School, 6-6, CS 26.5

15th Place — Team Giuliani, Tottenville High School, 6-6, CS 25

16th Place — Team Pacino, Central High School, 6-6, CS 20

17th Place — Team Reed, Bishop Lynch High School, 5-6-1, CS 27.5

18th Place — Team Cardozo, Xavier College Preparatory, 5-6-1, CS 22.5

19th Place — Team Allen, Ada High School, 5-6-1, CS 18

20th Place — Team Jay, St. Joseph’s Preparatory, 5-7, CS 27

21st Place — Team Davis Jr., Fort Thomas Highlands High School, 4-6-2, CS 23.5

22nd Place — Team Burr, Sylvania Southview High School, 5-7, CS 23

23rd Place — Team Jay-Z, Lincoln High School, 5-7, CS 21.5

24th Place — Team B.I.G., Bishop Guertin, 4-7-1, CS 27

25th Place — Team Seinfeld, Mentor College, 4-7-1, CS 18

26th Place — Team Van Buren, Westhill High School, 4-8, CS 22.5

27th Place — Team O’Reilly, St. Macartan’s College, 2-6-4, CS 21.5

28th Place — Team Lauren, Caddo Parrish Magnet High School, 2-7-3

29th Place — Team F.D.R., Skyline High School, 2-9-1

30th Place — Team GaGa, Hanyoung Foreign Language High School, 2-10

Outstanding Attorneys

30 Ranks — New York City’s Finest
Prosecution — Elizabeth McGlamry, Team Capone
Prosecution — Samuel Johnson, Team Whitman

28 Ranks
Defense — Shaun Kleber, Team Capone

26 Ranks
Prosecution — Josh Lang, Team Davis Jr.
Defense — Alyssa Costa, Team Giuliani
Defense — Clement DuPuy, Team Burr

25 Ranks
Defense — Logan Murphy, Team Bloomberg
Prosecution — Renata O’Donnell, Team Walken
Defense — Alyssa Lundy, Team Stewart
Defense — Mara Hershberger, Team Pacino

24 Ranks
Prosecution — Louise Catinot, Team de Valera
Prosecution — Emma Robinson, Team Scorcese

Outstanding Witnesses

26 Ranks — New York City’s Finest
Prosecution — Lauren Marshall, Team Milk

24 Ranks — New York City’s Finest
Prosecution — Hannah Thomas, Team DeLillo, 8-2-2

24 Ranks
Defense — Courtney Gray, Team Whitman
Defense — Hannah Atherton, Team DeLillo
Defense — Abe Evans, Team Bogart
Defense — Taylor Jones, Team Davis Jr.
Prosecution — Oakley Smith, Team B.I.G.

23 Ranks

Prosecution — Alyssa Lundy, Team Stewart
Defense — Trenton Smith, Team Stewart
Prosecution — Joseph Sale, Team Scorcese

22 Ranks
Prosecution — Steffani Silva, Team Allen
Defense — Simon Zafrany, Team Walken
Defense — Austin Mance, Team Burr

21 Ranks
Prosecution — Leah Goldberg, Team Walken
Prosecution — Amandeep Singh, Team Giuliani
Prosecution — Scott Chandler, Team Milk

20 Ranks
Prosecution — Shaun Kleber, Team Capone
Defense — Claudia Shapiro, Team Brooks

Tabulation Summary

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